Want to make a lasting life-changing impact on a child or teen?  Consider joining our counseling team at Whitehall Camp!

research shows that the quality of the staff/camper interaction is the most important factor resulting in a positive camp experience and growth for a camper.


As counselors to our campers, we will strive to come alongside you providing encouragement, and prayer not just during your time at camp.  We want to be a part of your life outside the camping season!  Let us know how we can be in prayer over you, and how we can celebrate with you!

Counseling isn’t easy!  We know that!  We want to commit to equip you with as much “Know How” as we can before you interact with your campers.  But, we also promise to be there during the process, problem solving and loving on your campers together as a team.

If we are willing to put kids in your care for a week, we trust you!  We know that you’re here for the campers and have their best interest at heart.

what we expect from you

To model to your campers a life and attitude that reflects Christ

Working to engage in the camp community and building a positive community among the campers in your counselor group

Being the “parents” of your campers.  Prioritizing their safety before your own, and creating a positive and supportive environment for your campers

Conducting yourself as a child care professional at all times

Being willing to pour into and invest in your campers, even when it’s hard.  Showing them the love of Christ in every situation, no matter how tired you are.

Enjoying being around the campers and letting them know with your words, and actions.  Actively engaging in camper activities with a positive and joyful attitude