W PA Camp Meeting

 Western Pennsylvania Camp Meeting
camp meeting

2020 Dates:  July 18-26, 2020

Evangelist: Rev. Kevin Earley
Worship Leader:  Rev. Lee Rupert (North Apollo COG)

** Please note: The Whitehall Camp office handles all of the lodging reservations for camp meeting. The Western PA Ministries office handles the planning and programming aspects of the event. If you have any questions regarding the programming (Kids Korner, what’s going to be happening that week, speakers, worship leaders, dates) please direct them to Western PA Ministries office at: 724-867-9601.  wpaministries1@gmail.com 

Camp Meeting Lodging:

I’m Here to Reserve My Room/Site: Make Reservation Online                                     ** This is only for those who have received Reservation paperwork in the mail.

How Camp Meeting Lodging Works:  Those who have reserved at least 6 nights the previous year will be able to reserve their room/site the next year. Reservation paperwork is sent out in March and those individuals have until May 1 to reserve their spot. If anything opens up after that point we will fill in available rooms/sites with those on our waiting list.

Wait List: If you would like to be added to a wait list for a room, RV site, or tent site during camp meeting please call the Whitehall Camp office at:  (724) 867-6861 or email Dez at: dez.whitehallcamp@gmail.com. Please note: the wait time for a  motel room for the entire week is likely 8-10 years 🙂

Camp Meeting Programming

For Programming Info please visit the WPA Ministries website: https://www.wpamin.com/campmeeting

Kids Korner Info:
If you have questions regarding Kids Korner please contact the Western PA State Office at: 724-867-9601
Program Booklet:  A link will be provided once available.


125th Anniversary Celebration Info (this took place in 2017)