Becoming a Leaseholder

IMG_9939Our leaseholders are those who have privately owned cottages, RV’s, or mobile homes on our campground and lease the property they sit on from Whitehall Camp.  These units first began when people attending the 10 day long Camp Meeting held here every summer wanted a place to stay for the week. Many leaseholders have a long heritage here and a love for Whitehall Camp! They form long lasting friendships with their neighbors and speak of Whitehall as being a place to come, relax, rest, and reconnect with God.

What You Receive:  As a leaseholder you receive the leased property. In addition, the campground provides leaseholders with water, sewage, utilities, garbage services, and maintenance on these services when needed (past the shut-off valve). Leaseholders are welcome to come camp at their site throughout the summer months as well as attend the 10 day long Camp Meeting held every summer (in accordance with their lease package).

Approval Process: Units can be purchased from current leaseholders looking to sell, but must first go through an approval process. Both parties must fill out the appropriate paperwork/reference check through the Whitehall Camp office. We encourage parties to withhold exchanging money until approval has been given through our office. All past due accounts on a site/lot must be paid in full before approval will be granted. Any vacant RV sites may be leased by filling out a similar form through the Whitehall Camp office.

Time Frame:  Leases are renewed on an annual basis for the calendar year, January – December. The lease fee you pay is for one year (January – December).

Lease Packages:  We offer different lease packages based on the type of unit, the amount of time the site is used, and whether or not it is on seasonal or year-round water. Seasonal areas of camp are usually up and going between May – October.

Expenses:  As a leaseholder these are the fee’s you can anticipate paying:
–  Yearly Lease: paid to Whitehall Camp each year. Due by April 1st each year.

–  Utilities: you will be billed once a year by Whitehall Camp for the utilities you use at your site (each unit has it’s own meter).

– Taxes: Real Estate Tax and School Property Tax – All cottage and mobile home owner’s are required to pay taxes on their unit, to the Venango County Assessment Office. RV owner’s who do not have a current registration must also pay these taxes.

Expectations: Our main objective is to provide a place that allows individuals to grow in their walk with Christ and hopefully accept Him as Lord and Savior for the very first time if they have not already. Because we are a church camp, we want to foster a family friendly environment. We encourage leaseholders, when possible, to attend services at the annual WPA Camp Meeting held on the grounds each summer. Leaseholders must agree to and abide by our Policies & Regulations in order to become and remain a leaseholder at Whitehall Camp. which can be found here.IMG_9946


If you have any questions about being a Leaseholder or need paperwork to purchase or sell a cottage please contact our office at: (724) 867-6861.