Lodging Facilities



This motel-style lodge accommodates 60 guests with 16 rooms. It is used mostly by adult groups and is located on our upper grounds within easy walking distance to our Dining Hall and several other meeting areas. Each room has its own private bath/shower and 2 double beds (2 rooms only have 1 double bed). Two rooms are handicapped accessible.    HOUSING DIAGRAM


This motel-style lodge accommodates 68 guests with 14 rooms. It is used primarily by adult groups and is located on our lower grounds with a beautiful scenic view overlooking our lake. The meeting space is connected directly to the motel rooms. It is convenient for groups of 20-30 for this reason. Each room has 2 double beds; 1 with an upper bunk (sleeping up to 5 in each room).  HOUSING DIAGRAM


This dorm-style lodging facility accommodates 98 guests with 19 rooms. It is used mainly by youth groups and is located on the 2nd floor, above our Dining Hall. Each room has 2 bunk bed and a single bed, sleeping up to 5 in a room. Restrooms and showers are centrally located in the hallway. A partition is used to separate female and male lodging so that an entire group may stay in the same facility.   HOUSING DIAGRAM


Weekend Basis: Means that the meetings space is the same rate whether or not you rent it out for one day or two days. If you are planning to use a meeting space for more than two days contact our office to work out a rate for your space.

Items Available Upon Request with rental of meeting space:

  • Tables & Chairs
  • Dry Erase Board
  • Projection Screen
  • TV/VCR/DVD Player
  • Extension Chords
  • Projector (Additional fee of $26)
  • Sound System (Additional fee of $150)