Supporting Whitehall Camp

Being a non-profit ministry it would be impossible for Whitehall Camp to continue going on and moving forward without the help of our donors! We have been blessed to be in ministry for 129 years thanks foremost to our great God and also because of the many individuals and churches who have been so kind in giving towards our cause. We take very seriously the stewardship of funds received and strive to be obedient to the Lord’s leading in how they are utilized. If you feel led to give towards the ministry of Whitehall Camp you may do so the following ways:

General Operating Fund

Donations to our general operating fund go towards the day to day operations of the campground. As with any business we have your normal expenses (utility bills, upkeep of buildings, phone bills, office supplies, etc.) Your donation to this fund helps to offset these expenses and stretch our dollars so that we can invest in other important areas (i.e. summer youth camps, summer staff). Making sure these programs can have an eternal spiritual impact on individuals lives!

Mail check made payable to: Whitehall Camp
580 Whitehall Rd.
Emlenton, PA 16373

Donate Online:   Donate Here  

Designated Donations

At different times we have specific projects we are working on at camp that you can give to directly. Here are a few of the areas you can give to specifically:

Youth Camp Scholarship Fund:  This fund helps youth who would otherwise not be able to attend summer camp or winter blast the opportunity to do so. Individuals wishing to receive aid must follow an application process.

Retreat Center Renovations:  We are currently making renovations to our Radaker Retreat Center dining hall and upstairs dormitory.

Summer Missions Team:  This fund helps support our teenagers and young adults who come and serve on the mission field of Whitehall Camp all summer long, serving our youth campers and guests who are here for camp meeting and other events. Individuals who work on our SMT still receive a full salary stipend. Funds given to the SMT help to offset these staffing expenses and give our summer staff a nice year-end banquet.


Sometimes it is helpful to receive items at the camp that are of use so that we do not need to spend the funds on them ourselves. Here is a wish list of items camps could use: copy paper, office supplies, craft supplies, sport equipment (basketballs, volleyballs, kick balls, footballs, etc), pipe, fittings, and lumber.

Memorial Donations

Often times individuals want to give a lasting memorial on the campground for a family member or friend who loved and contributed to Whitehall. If you are interested in giving towards a lasting memorial we currently offer these options: Lamp Post, Bench, Rocking Chair. Each item receives a plaque. Please contact our office for information on price and other details.  724-867-6861


All contributions to Whitehall Camp are tax-deductible. You will receive a year-end giving statement in January. Contact Desirae Sayers at (724) 867-6861 or with any questions.