See The Vision….          
                      Catch the Dream

You may have noticed already that something very exciting is taking place at Whitehall Campgrounds. In 2016,  the Whitehall Staff and Board were dreaming. The dream involved Pioneer Hall and Radaker Retreat Center, two buildings that have become near and dear to the hearts of so many down through the years. These two buildings have been used as wonderful tools of ministry within our last 125 years. Pioneer, which was at one time the tabernacle, was a place where the pioneers of the faith shared the Gospel and many came to know the Lord. In more recent years many young people have knelt with a counselor during youth camp, or learned of God’s grace at Kids Korner in this building. And Radaker Retreat Center sees the most activity of any of the buildings on the campground.



You’re probably thinking about now, “Wow, that’s a big project!”, and it is, but we serve a BIG God and He is more than able to supply the need. The fact is, He has already started to supply  resources for this project. As you can see, some of the work has already been done on these projects over the past 10 months and more work will continue after the summer season.

Our prayer as the Board and Staff of Whitehall Camp is that you, the supporters of this ministry would see the dream and catch the vision. God’s resources flow through God’s people, so without your support this dream may not be realized. We are asking that you prayerfully consider how you might get involved and support this vision, so that the Good News of salvation in Christ may be     proclaimed from Whitehall Camp for another 125 years.

If the Lord leads you to donate to this project you may do so by sending your donation to Whitehall Camp with (Pioneer-Retreat) in the memo line.  Thank you for partnering with us in ministry!

Want to see what’s already been done?  Check out our short promo video below!