S46Whitehall Camp started in the early 1890s when D.S. Warner was preaching in northwestern Pennsylvania, stressing the “unity of all believers.” Those who accepted this scripture teaching saw a need to hold a family camp meeting. In 1892, the people of the Church of God rented about four acres next to the Whitehall Schoolhouse near Emlenton, PA. Within the next five years, the land was purchased, cleared, and Whitehall Camp was officially established.

In the beginning, the preaching was done from a raised platform, sheltered by brush. Later, a large tent was used for general services. In 1907, the tabernacle was built with a capacity to seat three hundred. In 1927, it was greatly enlarged by the addition of a wing on each side. After World War II, the floors were paved which, until this time, had been covered with sawdust. The tabernacle saw a great many speakers and many souls were saved between the early 1900s and 1969.

In 1969, the leaders of the Church had a vision to develop a larger auditorium to seat the many people who camp to Whitehall during Camp Meeting each August. They had outgrown the existing tabernacle. Through many prayers, dedication, and giving, the present Whitehall Auditorium was built. Dedication services for the auditorium were held in the 1970 Camp Meeting with father and son team Doug and Dale Oldham as the evngelists. The old tabernacle then had its wings removed and was remodeled for classrooms and conference rooms. Each room is named after a pioneer minister of the Church of God and the tabernacle is now called “Pioneer Hall.”


Today, Whitehall Camp is made up of several buildings over the 288 acres used for the campgrounds. Whitehall continues to serve over 2,000 people during Camp Meeting each year. The ministry of Whitehall Camp has also expanded over the years to include a variety of other camps and retreats throughout the year for guest of all ages. From humble beginnings through today, Whitehall’s purpose has always been the same: to provide a meeting place for the saving of souls through Christ’s love.