125th Details


Send old photos, documents, and other memorabilia from days-gone-by in for display in our museum tent:

It is preferred that all old photos, documents or other memorabilia be sent electronically as an attachment. Please send via email to: dez.whitehallcamp@gmail.com09

Other acceptable ways to send in items is via snail mail. Originals will be returned. The address is: Whitehall Camp & Conference Center 580 Whitehall Road Emlenton, PA 16373.

If sending in a photo, please be certain to state the owner of the object(s) and identify any individuals pictured. Also, if possible provide the place and approximate or actual date of the event.

Keep the story alive & write out your Whitehall Camp experience!

It is preferred that your Whitehall Camp story be sent via email to dez.whitehallcamp@gmail.com
Your story can also be sent in via snail mail to the Whitehall Camp address listed above.

Purchase an “ad” in the celebration booklet.

The due date for ad’s has been extended to May 14, 2017 to be included in the 125th Celebration Booklet. (Click here to download the ad form)

This form can be downloaded, printed off, completed and then mailed in to Whitehall Camp’s address. Please include your payment in check form when choosing this option.18-a

Another option: The answers to the information requested on this ad form can also be emailed to dez.whitehallcamp@gmail.com. Your information is all that will be needed for this option. No form is required. Payment can be completed on Whitehall’s website or a check can be mailed in. If a check is mailed, please include the words “Celebration Booklet” on the memo line.

Examples of an “ad” include but are not limited to:

  •                    –  Congratulations to Whitehall Camp
  •                    –  Description of your congregation and its ministries
  •                    – The history or accomplishments of your congregation
  •                    – Honoring or memorializing a person, a family, a leader, a pastor and spouse (current or                             former)
  •                    – Providing a “legitimate” business-type ad from a company or organization
  •                    – Tell a story of your walk, or your recollections or reflections of a place, person, or event                              as it relates specifically to Whitehall Camp

*Purchased ads or any donations can be paid for on the Whitehall website or mailed to the above address & designated for the 125th Anniversary. Checks should be made payable to Whitehall Camp.