Cottage Up for Bid

Address:  208 Sample Road
Minimum Bid Required:  $1,500.00
How to Submit Bid: Please mail your bid in writing to the Whitehall Camp Office or drop it off in a sealed envelope. We need your: Name, Address, Phone Number and Bid Amount. Our address is: 580 Whitehall Rd., Emlenton, PA  16373
Deadline to Submit Bid:  June 15th.

** Successful bidder needs to comply with all transactions with the camp; filling out the proper Purchase of Property paperwork for approval as a leaseholder, and submit payment in full at the time approved as a leaseholder.
** Camp reserves the right to refuse any and all bids if a situation compels them to do so.
** If you would like to get in to see the cottage please call the Camp Office to arrange a time to get in.

Any questions please call our office at:  724-867-6861


Seasonal Water Turn-On

We will begin turning water on to areas of camp the week of April 10th.

Please note, the amount of time it takes to get all of the water on to the grounds depends on any water leaks or other issues our maintenance staff may run into along the way. We will work as quickly and efficiently as we can to get things on! Thank you!

Seasonal Areas: Each area will be updated with the date that it is turned on.

Kerry Row –  ON  4/10/17 
McCoy Row  –  ON  4/10/17
Mervin Circle –  ON  4/20/17 
Ratzlaff Row – ON  4/20/17 
RV Section –  All ON but rows A & B  4/10/17
Sample Row –  ON 4/18/17
Sample Row East –  ON  4/18/17 
Towers Circle –  ON 4/12/17

Cottage Restrooms/Shower House – ON
Hogan Restrooms/Shower House – ON 

Pentz Restrooms/Shower House –  OFF 
RV Restrooms/Shower House –  OFF


Spring Leaf Collection:

Leaves raked into piles and placed next to the road will be removed by the Camp Staff from mid-April up to May 20th.
Please note: all piles must be free of any sticks, branches, or stones in order for us to remove them. The removal of leaves during any other time is the responsibility of the leaseholder. They may be hauled to the compost pile across from the RV Overflow area. Or arrangements for removal for a fee can be made through the Whitehall Camp Office.


Seasonal Water Turn-Off:

Seasonal water usually gets turned off the end of October every year, depending on the weather.